Baseball Collectibles Coming to Ethereum!

in ethereum •  8 months ago

Did you buy baseball cards as a kid?

I did.


Did you know that Topps made millions and millions of cards in the 80's and 90's? You can still buy full year runs sealed in box on eBay for under $30. The average collector thought they were going to get rich from rookie cards, but it was really just Topps that made bank.

Pre Beanie Babies, everyone was going crazy to buy baseball cards after hearing about the prices some of the rarest cards were fetching at auction.

These manias come and go. Today it is crypto kitties and Steem Monsters.

But history repeats itself sometimes, and now there are going to be MLB licensed collectibles on the blockchain!

You can check them out here:

That is also a referral link for me, and you can make your own referral link for free cards if you like as well!


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Topps simply figured out how to strip the value away from authentic old cards and keep people buying their cards. Topps bubblegum was lousy, too. ;-)


The gum was so bad, it's a feat in itself. I'm not even mad!

And as bad as it was, you still ate it when you opened a pack, because hey, free gum!


hahahahahahaha... omg, its funny cos its true :P

thnx for sharing,,, i want now