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Ya know just one week ago we were at 335 or so.... we've not crashed this isnt a bad thing....weve done this shit how many times now? we knew it wasnt gonna shoot straight to 500 and even if it did....it wouldnt hold there...

were good...i've bought more now im balls deep in ether now buddies....and I buy it not because of now...becuase of the future...you gotta think like that especially NOW

ETHER isnt going anywhere....but up and into institutions....its that simple so look at this now and remember this for the next time it happens cause it will again and remember where we were...where we came from...and think about where were going next and after that

then buy the DIP.


I remember this shit from before....so many times since february....i'm telling ya...most vets if we can call em that know...some know an play this dip...but ill tell ya right now to newbies...dont fucking sell it...do NOT sell it...leave it and walk away...

how did we know a correction was coming.... ? how.... because we can read this shit like a book...did i know it was gonna redip....i had my suspicions but it doesnt matter buy that one or this one...or it not happen and lose out...ya see so no matter...

it'll come back...theres too much in this world that's going to use ether for it not to

be smart now...this is where you're will is tested.


Churr churr brother

Thanks @kozak. Long ETH here! :)

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