Trilliant ICO - Make Money from Owning Cryptocurrency ATMs

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The easiest way to make money on crypto is to be the buyer or sells with a fee on top. This is possible in few ways but mostly you have to be an exchange or.. an ATM machine. And this is what these guys came with.

Trilliant is creating the infrastructure for ATM environment of buying and selling cryptos with cash or other cryptos. With them, you can purchase a personal piece of one of cryptocurrency ATMs. You invest in their future profits from ATM fees.

Bitcoin ATMs Business

Going by most popular site showing Bitcoin ATMs we can see the niche is still not big enough fo0r new player to come in and mostly dominated by a few producers with Lamassu (which i love personally!) being top one!



Presale starts in 43 days so you have a lot of time to check this idea.

Their distribution model looks like this.

Notice that WINGS takes % for forecast of ICO on their platform and Dcorp is another successful ICO that works wit hthe team.

TRIL is the currency needed to pay transactions, to purchase virtual ATM units and to use the ecosystem. It is not an security, but an utility used in the agreement.


This post is just an information. As always remember to do your own research before investing in anything.

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great stuff

Wow, looks interesting! Thanks for the heads up!

Crypto-ATMs for our near future is a great potential of revenue! Thanks a lot for sharing.

Namaste :)

Too bad the U.S. doesn't allow ICO investments.

Particularly not blatant securities like this one. But yeah i agree with @christoryan being a US citizen hasn’t done much to deter me from investing in things I want. Although it does feel the landscape is shifting away from that and i havent invested in awhile, so maybe i’m now just out of touch

Its all about the steel power😎

The US doesn't allow ICOinvestments? Lol ive invested in manu ICOs and live in the US..?!

Crypto ATMs will dominate and bring adoption of cryptocurrency.

Thanks for [email protected] crypto atms sounds like a good investment... certainly got me thinking! :)

Im still suspect on the idea of physical ATMs. I think the need for physical cash to widthdraw or deposit cash is still present but for how long?
10 years 15 years im not sure, but for some reason the idea of dealing with ATMs seems old and outdated.
But great article and better research, I will look into this.

will research on it sounds interesting

I will remember and support each of your posts and thanks for the imformation.

This is actually an interesting idea, even if it is a security lol

This looks awesome !!!

the cryptocurrency will revolutionize the world, excellent greetings of analysis.

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