Parity Multisig Wallet With Bugs -150,000 ETH (~30M USD) Stolen

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I will update this as going. For now move funds off parity if you are using it.

Currently those ICOs funds were cleared:


Official Confirmation

Expect ETH dump on trading ie leverage BitMex

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what is interesting it was a very simple bug, unnoticed for 6months any smart 12y kid could make that hack.

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similar with theDAO :)
also they say this hack wallet is connected to theDAO one that made ETH split with ETC

Was Coindash also affected by this same 'bug'?

I wrote quick run down on the coindash debacle if you want to get upto date on it. Simply unbelievable in this day and age, especially for a crypro ICO.

Nope - their website got hacked and ICO address changed ;)

Ethereum hacks this week has been costly.

Its part of crypto world. If companies create untracable,decentralized, vurtual currencies then they will asks for attacks! Technology from hackers is always catching up. This haveing a negative impact on digital currency.

Which is why it is so important for people to know how to securely protect their finances. Just goes to show sometime a little information is more dangerous than none.

Ugh... this sucks for Parity as I really like their wallet. But, all of this is ultimately will contribute to more secure things.

Sad. Thank you for sharing.

Doesn't help the credibility of crypto in general to have this stuff keep happening.

Agreed but I think the general populace will forget pretty quickly. People are funny like that especially when there are profits to be had.

Apparently the same Hacker from the DAO.
This speaks for On-Chain Multi-Sig of @NEM

Every thriller is boring compared to Crypto. Sadly true


One has to think: is ETH market cap so high in spite of this major flaws... or because of it? ;-)

  • you discover major bug
  • you pump the coin to the moon
  • you excercise the bug
  • profit

(turn on subtitles, obviously :-)

Which we fear eventually happens.
I once exchanged opinions with a friend who played in this field.
I tell him, sometime this field will definitely be the main target of hackers.
Which I fear eventually happens.
Hopefully we can all protect all our property from hackers.
To @kingscrown I thank you for your information and suggestions.

I broke this exact news FIRST right here on Steemit:

Ethereum Parity Wallet Exploit Causes $Millions to go missing today July 19th.

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Anyone could've shorted using my news release on this and made 10% in 2 hours today before this article came out! :D

i believe etc was stolen before and now eth oh well wtf.

Agreed!!!!!!Parity Multisig Wallet With Bugs

And this is why people should definitely keep their wallets local on their computers (preferably an offline media of some sorts) versus utilizing an online service that can fall victim to an attack like this one, even if it was a simple hack.

ETH Is Facing Major Problems Regarding ICOs And Stolen Funds :(

I guess we need more attacks like this to create awareness in the crypto space. This is a small price to pay for a technology that has revolutionary impact in the financial industry.

Thank's for the update man!.

peoples need secure platform to invest and deposit.. otherwise no one will attracted..

There is f***in too much to brain storm over and i am goin to stick to simple posting blogs and let things happen, i am seriouly not understanding this cryptocurrency thing much!
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Great information! We will still have a long way to mature the Cryptos!

Nice post @kingjan

Amazing Post Very Informative! Upvoted

Things like this are depressing as they create a pullback in the markets and prevent the ability for the tech to move forward

Thanks for the warning @kingscrown, aside from a cold storage HW wallets [eg Trezor], is there an Ethereum paper wallet option?

I found a github link to a page for ETH paper wallet but couldn't get it to generate new wallets.

At this point are HW the only way to keep your funds safe?

I wish the hacker would give away some of the eth they took for free...hehe...

Thank you for the update

First it was Jaxx now this :( Arg!! Is it better to just get a HW wallet?

Thanks for sharing

I don't know why people trust ETH, I really feel like it's full of amateurs. Two massive hacks with tens of millions of dollars lost. It's insane.

The end is near!

this is notice to the moment

It is terrible to hear that these bugs and abuses exist.
The sad reality is most coins in their ICO phases sometimes just crash and burn and ETH and its users have to pay for it.
Hopefully security can be enhanced in the future.

i was about to use parity.... im still not sure if i will do so....
why do hackers dont have anything to do other than hack.... lol....

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Woow i didn't know that, now we are seeing a lot of attacks to many alts. Thanks for share it

cryptocurreny! I'm really excited to know more about this :)

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and now ETH will fall to the ground?

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Someone just got rich in a very nasty way.

This will induce some instability in Ether. ICOs should try to ensure that whatever they operate on is foolproof since they are dealing with large amount of public money

Currently those ICOs funds were cleared:

Edgeless Casino (@edgelessproject)

what does that mean?

That funds they got from ICO were stolen now

Very useful post! Thanks

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I'm glad that wasn't my wallet.. Holy shit. Imagine that hey!

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Thanks for update...@kingscrown

Thanks for update...@kingscrown

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great information

The most surprising thing is that the price of the etherium goes up, not down! Pump instead of a dump!

With ETH it´s like with car. There are smart contract, if you are great programmer, you can make great things. But if you don´t have driving skill, you can have a problem. So it´s great tool...

this is really so interesting; thanks for sharing @kingscrown and thanks for the update

Thanks Nice advisory
it's crazy , i never heard of it

I need to start a wallet, it looks like parity wont be the one I choose. Any suggestions?

MetaMask or just MyEtherWallet (online website)

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It looks like the Hacker got around $18mil and the WhiteHats got $81mil.



It actually was about $30mil obtained by the hacker. I was just looking at the balance and hadn't accounted for several 10k ETH outflows from the hacker's address.

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This is becoming too much, sending waves of fear into the minds of crypto users. We hope strong security measures be adopted to forestall such ugly occurrences.

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