FREE Ethereum Icons (50 icons)

in ethereum •  last year

I would like to contribute to this community, so I am giving away an icon pack full of Ethereum Icons:


All icons are made as vector files - they are easily scalable and editable.

Whats included?

50 icons in these formats:
.png files in sizes 16x16; 32x32; 64x64; 128x128; 256x256; 512x512; 1024x1024.
.svg files
.ai file (versions- CC and CS)
.eps file (version 10)


Feel free to use them in your projects with or without editing.
All icons were designed by me, if you wish you can support and checkout my other work at (referral link)

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Thanks a lot for making those icon open-source. We need more designers in the blockchain space. Upvoted!


thank you for your support!

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