Rise of Ethereum ?

in ethereum •  2 months ago 

Ethereum was launched back in 2014 as an ICO, it was the second crypto currency after Bitcoin.

At that time its value was ~ 0.3$ and at that time Bitcoin was ~ 600$.

Till September 2015 it crossed 1$ hurdle. It started to climb a little in next year and reached ~ 10$ in September 2016.

Ethereum did not looked back and kept on climbing up in the market and it reached ~ 380$ in September 2017.

It was not over for Ethereum it rised and rised so much high that everone was amazed to see its price touching its highest ever value ~ 1377$ on 14 January 2018.

Ethereum could not sustain at that price and its downfall started and in September 2018 it was ~ 286$.

It gone down further to 86$ on 14 December 2018. After that it saw many ups and downs in between 100$ to 300$.

But in last week it has started to climbing up slowly, on September 11 it was ~ 179$ and today it is touching ~ 214$, after this a question is arising in minds.

Will we ever see another rise of Ethereum in future breaking its all records of past ?

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