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I have been putting a lot of focus on growing one-eight lately. The reason is that I believe in this project the same way I feel about the other projects that I am currently involved with. But this project, in particular, is special to me because of its smart contract and the affiliates strategy used to grow this site.


Never give up. One thing for sure is that I am not a quitter. When I know something to be right I will work hard in building it. Part of the reason why I am building one-eight is because of another project that I am actively growing and that is POC, Proof of Community. For the next phase in helping POC grow it is important to push one-eight because of its growth​g strategies and strong system. Further down the line, the strength of one-eight will be able to help POC grow also. I know that.

In the game of crypto, too many people are looking for that fast money. But look for that fast weekend pump you’re sure to go broke fast also. What people need is slow and steady growth over time. Look at what a project can become not as it is. A project that grows slow and steady will give you more security overtime.

ARB is a great example of slow and steady growth. I have just begun with aBOT in ARB. There is still much for me to learn in this platform. But what makes it attractive is that the gains are real. And the growth is slow and steady. And the results daily.

One-eight is the same way. But because of the way the smart contract is built it pays that 1.8% daily. And it keeps paying that out every 24 hours. the best strategy is to put half back in and take half back out for you. This is the base strategy to start with. But you’re more than welcome to dabble with the calculator to find a strategy that works best for you.

Now in order to have one-eight grow more its important to look for ways to grow it. Currently, we have communities on discord and also telegram. There are also several active contributors that are working with the project and giving all they can to help grow the platform.

One-eight needs a larger audience to keep its growth moving. And that is where twitter comes into mind. Already we are actively sharing videos and blog posts weekly. By utilizing twitter we will be able to ​get this out to a larger audience. One-eight is growing day to day and I would like to share that with people.

One of the sites that we will utilize to help us grow is The site has what appears to be a great method in reaching real followers. There are already several large companies that use the site to also grow their social media. I like that it doesn’t promise overnight growth but rather it focuses on the slow and steady overtime to reach real organic users.

One-eight will utilize the services of and twitter to take us into the next step. This is to have a strong social media presence to grow a larger audience and to increase our reach for new contributors so that we can hit each of our milestones.

We are only at the beginning of our fantastic journey. Do not have doubt in your mind rather see what this project will become as it takes us through the new year and through 2019 and beyond. The next milestone to hit is that 25 ETH mark, and then to we will get to 50 ETH, 100 ETH, 500 ETH, 1000 ETH, 5000 ETH… 10K ETH… 15K ETH and beyond.

Join us at one-eight. You only need to start with a small contribution of .05 ETH. Try it and you will see for yourself the power of the one-eight smart contract to generate 1.8% on that contribution. Watch it grow daily.

Join us on the discord or telegram and follow us now on twitter to get the updates of our smart contract.


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