Fantastic Ethereums and where to Find Them.

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As we ride the roller coaster of this crazy crypto market it can be a challenge to find something to hold onto. Because of the downward trend in alt coins and trading, people are looking for alternative ways to make money through crypto. Ethereum dapp games is a great place to start.


Ethereum comes in the form of a Mushroom. A Magic Mushroom. Magic Mushrooms is a new Ethereum game. Very simple and straight forward. You either win or you get dividends.

You see the beauty of the Magic Mushrooms Game is that the losses go to the house, the house is anyone holding PoC tokens. There are no other fees at all. 50% goes to the lucky Pot, 50% to the mushroom. Mushroom buys PoC tokens and than distributes it’s dividends to PoC token holders.

Magic Mushrooms is currently being tested on the Ropsten Test Net. Everything appears to be working as needed. The mechanics are all there.

The game play is quite straight forward. You have a 1 in 5 chance of winning half of the Lucky Pot. The game takes Ethereum and pays out it’s wins in Ethereum.

In other traditional casino style game, losses will usually go to the developer and a jackpot. But PoC games was built to reward PoC token holders. This is a very unique aspect of the game.

This has been the plan for Proof of Community since we first opened our doors to everyone. To create a token that rewards the community.

Stay tuned I’ll be posting some video on our YouTube channel to share more.

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we are waiting for youtube video that explains about magic mushrooms