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No matter how we criticize this New technology, the world will still embrace it. it is Natural the World always embrace Progress gradually. If we can look back the way things happen around us.

It looks like the responds was gradually. Sharing more industry developments and opening more discussion into the future. People who knows or has little idea of what crypto tries to hold on to what they know about crypto because every invention always suffers series of set back during the nascent period.
Also, opinions out there shows there are misunderstanding between supporters of cryptocurrency and non-supporters. Each having a different mindset of how the trend. Both sides are at equal times justified with their point of views.
But for the industries to take the next step with its detractors, whether it is awareness, interest, evaluation, trial or adoption steps should be another discussion. The whole process should involve more objective literature, more balanced discussion and argument.
Like I said earlier, that every new technology must pass through different stages of adoption. Same thing is applicable to the Blockchain technology. Remember the way Steve Balmer castigated the Open source platform calling it a cancer. Right now. The world has embraced the open source platform and applications.
Same attention was drawn when the telephone was introduced. Right now, we all are connected with the mobile telephones.
Detractors will be quick to point out that even if we remove external downsides like facilitation of crime or how it will pollute the planet, even blockchain advocates must accept that the technology still has many flaws. Yes, I mean there are still flaws. But these are good problems to have. It means the technology is being used at a capacity beyond what was imagined. Also there is work in progress to mitigate and resolve all this Problems. Every week, projects are experimenting with new technology, developers are trialing upgrades and taking ideas from the board and putting them into implementation.
But I believe this acceptance will happen sooner than we expect, but not so much because it seems logical for a new digital technology to displace the old, but because blockchain is what we need now.

CENTRALIZATION Cannot and will not sustain our current society: everything we do in this world is only by the permission of some central entity that determines whether we are allow or not. From our centralized banking system to online shopping. From our utility services been provided by the government to our taxes which are fraudulent. Some of these services as we know are been control by the power above.
For the first time in a long time, the blockchain services gives us the privilege to do the most basic of social interactions directly. Through blockchain innovations, we can decide exactly how much to pay, and precisely to whom, without ever relying on some other mysterious third-party to process and settle our money for us.
RESISTANCE TO CENSORSHIP: The old system of government took it upon themselves to decide on what is good for us without considering how well the information matters to us. Dictating which and what service is good for the people to consume.
Blockchain is now bringing about decentralized applications and open source protocols that will soon bring about “Web 3.0” based on the tenets of personal freedoms, where we can freely access and transmit information as we please, without restrictions. We will no longer want to be at the mercy of ISPs who limit and restrict, or governments who block with prejudice.
There are and many more features to proof that our future Needs the Blockchain but any or all of these will happen. No longer simply because blockchain is better but because blockchain is what we need.


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No one can shred blockchain, it has come to stay.