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Death is inevitable as long as human race exists because everyone is due for death at their own time. While death is certain and guaranteed, the time and period of one's exit remain uncertain and a mystery to the human faculties. Not too far fetched, the rationale behind “Wills and Estate”. It is an antiquity principle or norm to prepare a Will before death in order to manage someone Estate while he/she is no longer available to oversee or control the Estate. While this is practicable before 21st century and till date, its disadvantages outweigh the advantages in terms of trust, third-party challenges and soon.



Due to the disadvantages experienced while preparing a Will with a third party (a lawyer), set of experts from eternitas came together to solve the aforementioned problems with Wills by building a Blockchain technology that is immutable to store Wills and execute it simultaneously. The distinguishing factor of this technology is inherent in its features; here is a word from the CEO,

“Is it selling software? Is it blockchain, smart contracts or crypto? It's autonomy. Innovation is about changing the way we look at things. Will have been around for thousands of years and never really changed at its core. With eternitas we want to give autonomy back to the individual when it lacks the most: at the moment of death. Why leave your will in the hands of others if you can keep it in your own hands?”

Milosz Matuschek, CEO & Founder

“With Eternitas, we want to radically simplify the process of executing the will and administering the estate and making it faster, safer and cheaper. The problem we have been working on since there are wills is that when you die, you can no longer transfer the assets yourself and depend on third parties - the executor - if you do not want to leave this job to the heirs themselves. But there is no guarantee that the last will will be obeyed. In our solution, every author of the will also become his own executor. So we offer control over the assets beyond death. That's why our slogan: "Code is life".”

“We want to put the topic estate management on a completely new basis and adapt it to the possibilities of the 21st century. The trend is do-it-yourself in all sectors: we see this in the finance area with roboadvisors, but in online banking for some time now. In our solution, everyone should be able to create a legal will (using legally certified templates, tips for avoiding conflicts and tax optimization), then store this will safely and findable and finally enforce even by means of smart contracts. Instead of a lawyer, notary or best friend helps a decentralized network. For our use case, we are among the first startups in Europe in the area of ​​Legal Tech & Blockchain.”


Quoting a paragraph from this announcement

“People will probably always fight about money, and families are not different. No one can eliminate conflicts totally, but you can minimize their destructive potential by being as clear as you possibly can in your inheritance plan.”

Below are the three main solutions, we are working on right now at eternitas (in this order)

• a register for wills on the blockchain (and a video-based oral will solution)
• legally sound last wills and donations through easy to use templates
• Automatized distribution through Ricardian contracts.

While all plans are ongoing, the beta version of is scheduled to launch in March 2020. Also, the concept behind the project was pitched on Twitter recently hosted by Carsten Maschmeyer (German Shark Tank Jury) and the project was among the winners of the #twitterpitch , see proof
This will serve as a source of influence and boost for the project since it is a start-up project. Meanwhile, if anyone is interested in support this idea and birthing this concept into reality. Don't hesitate to forward your donations to the addresses.

BTC: 1DiGG4P2LEcmLP6i8B9rbe3CCMYcKrfbfc LTC: LbTJS2y95TXxeX1E6WYVzz8uqUgzwCWiL9 ETH/ERC-20: 0x1dFf6069832693f752fa8Ab3f84fC19C76a4A79F

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