When we, of course, love birds WheneverTo humans The bird is seen loving the bird The bird is seen preparing the bird

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When we, of course, love birds WheneverTo humans The bird is seen loving the bird The bird is seen preparing the bird

To this bird
This animal
Your Owner Name
Seen while illuminating ..

A horse
To illuminate the name of your boss
Started to dance,
The next legs started laughing ..

A black scatter
The owner's whistle is emphasized
And started talking for several hours ..

A quail
Despite being a metaphor for cowardice
Started to get fooled for his boss ..

An original rooster
For your master
Started washing hands with eyes ..

A dog
To illuminate the name of your boss
Sprained it up to the stomach, cut it to the ears

Of Ashraf al-Fitr
In obedience, in love,
The bird also did
Took courage, took courage,
So that you can get the shujaat
Of their owner
Expectations tied to them
Never be shy

Ever since
These secrets have been revealed
I did
Your Own Creator
Upon his Prophet's Compassionate Prophet
On the wishes
I am determined to meet

Ever since
These points are understandable,
Since then
Thinking of it
I'm preparing to do that
when I
Being an Ashraf al-Fitr
To a horse
To a quail
A chicken
To a dog
Living around
I can make the stars of human eyes
If I can create my ad
The heartbeat of others
The smile of the lips of others
The brightness of the eyes of others
Why can't

Come on

Start preparing yourself
Start loving yourself so that
Turn in front of your Creator too ..
Turn your face in front of your Master too.
Your parents, teachers,
Get up in front of your guardians, too.

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