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Craps. The most fun game at any casino and the game with the best odds for the player. If you've aver been to a casino that has craps you will know that it is often times the place where all the commotion is coming from. On a Friday night the tables are busy and loud, and I love it!
I used to live in Las Vegas...and I used to play a fair amount of craps.
Why do I bring this up? Well, this morning @silveringots posted about something he enjoys collecting other than silver ingots. I won't say what it is, but I will say go check it out.
In that post he invited anyone reading to share something other than silver that they collect. Well, say no more, what a great excuse for me to get our my collection of game used craps dice.
Did I grab these from the table during a game? Well, no. That would be a good story but I'm sure it would end with me getting in trouble as they watch those dice like hawks!
Most of the gift shops at the casinos sell the game used dice just like they sell game used decks of cards. So I would always try to pop into the gift shop on my way out.
All the dice in that pile up above do pair off as well.

Thanks for stopping by, this has been #somethingicollect by @summertooth. And thanks to @silveringots for the good idea that got me thinking of my old hometown. I miss you Las vegas.


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wow!! how fun!! love the photos and seeing ur collection. ive tried learning but its not an easy game. i like the one with the wheel 😛
miss ya summerrrr

Hey @eaglespirit, best way to learn is to pull up to a table next to the dealer. Ask them what a basic bet is, give him a tip and they'll be your best friend!
Nice to see ya.

A very interesting collection. I really like it!

Thanks @ronaldoavelino! Hope you have a nice weekend.

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Loving this collection!! Honestly, my first time seeing a dice collection. That's is very cool. Now judging off the amount of dice you have leads me to believe you've played your fair share of craps!! I guess when you live in Vegas how can't you?!

I really like how all the dice have thier own logo/phrase. The fact they have been used is neat. If only they could talk right ? Great share here @summertooth. I enjoyed that!

Yeah man, glad you got me thinking about these again. I did play quite a bit. I remember reading a book about this guy's system based on probabilities. If I was disciplined enough to play it the right way it worked, it was just kind of slow & steady, which doesn't happen when free drinks are involved.
Also love how they are game used. They are all canceled as well, so they can't be doctored and toss back in. These are the cancelation marks.
Thanks for stopping by @silveringots now, don't you have something to hide....

Ooo. I knew you were going Vegas but this is an unexpected collection. Very cool.

So which casino is your favorite in Vegas and why?


The Orleans. It's kid of a locals casino, off the strip but close. Lots of good memories there made with the guys after work. They used to have free payroll check cashing PLUS you could spin the prize wheel and win stuff. I have a hat still, it's a classic. Thanks D.

A hat! Picture required. 😉 🎩

I miss playing craps remember finding a $2 table on a Sunday afternoon and turned $10 into something like $400

Oh @corndogg42, I miss it too! Why have I posted about it? It only makes it worse!

Roll em baby....Yo👊🏻


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