China's devastating Corona virus is also knocking on Iran's door

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China's devastating Corona virus is also knocking on Iran's door.
According to sources, 10 to 12 cases were reported in Iran.
Even more so to hear.
The virus was exposed in China by the Chinese government and the public, and many surprising practical steps were taken, such as the Chinese building a thousand-bed hospital in just ten days to diagnose and treat the disease.
The staff at the hospitals canceled their holidays without any government order.
They started duty for 24 hours.
The news also heard of a doctor's death for eight consecutive days without duty.
From allergy cleaners to engineers and doctors, they found themselves battling the disease in their field.
Remember, they do not have any religion, they have no concept of halal haram goodness.

Iran is China's neighbor.
That means our doors may be the next victim.
Come to the Muslims in the slum, what if this incurable disease comes here?
Let me give you an example.

There was a sudden gas leak in Karachi in the last few days and 8 to 10 people lost their lives.
The need for masks to avoid gas increased and demand increased.
Immediately before the market started selling the mask packet at Rs. 480, which was very difficult.
Mask stacked.
So that we can make the most of the opportunity.
The doctor does not leave the person lying in bed for the commission as the wife has come to the daughter's ornaments.
Likewise, hearing of the shortage of flour, in which the old dough was found in the warehouses, they hid and started selling at a custom rate.
There are many more examples to give that don't want to prolong the writing.

We are all Muslims.
Nowadays, the rush of pilgrims submitting pilgrimages is visible in the banks.
There are heaps of requests.
Thus, the age range continues throughout the year.

No religious problem is far from the reach of our knowledge, but we are far from a humanity.
Worship has no place in itself.
But when it comes to matters of worship, we become hypocrites.

Saying that a student came to ask for permission from the teacher that I was going to preach religion would give me some advice.
The teacher said only one phrase

"Try not to preach the word but to preach your actions."

Don't know how non-Muslim our Muslims will be in view of these habits. !!?

May Allah have mercy on us and protect him from this call. Otherwise, we will be deprived of medicines before treatment.
There will be a lot of silver. From now on, stocks have been put in place. It was a country like China.
I do not know what will happen to us. Have pity on us