A kiss for a kill !!!

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Dust settles slowly
And I see the brightest glow
Of descending Sun-set
Amidst the mountain-tops
The grey surface of the approaching night

I watch the rare intoxicating buds
Of blossoming Spring
The beauty in the shining stars
Being reminded of the spot we met
And the magic that fluidly flowed

We met at the converging point
Of the stars and the Moon
Loving you was inhaling the fragrances
Of earth's ethereality
But knowing you
Was jumping off a steepy cliff

When was the complication drawn ?
Why did your warm embrace
Become a kiss for a kill ?
A touch for sordid memories ?
And a morsel of heated lips
For a stab in the back ?

My eyes brim with tears
At betrayal so gross
And treachery so flagrant
I envisioned forever
Not a kiss for a kill
Nor warmth for sordid memories

An original poem by @edith4angelseu

Images from Google

Dedicating my entire steemit journey to Terry Ajayi, aka @surpassinggoogle

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