rheumatism medication

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Rheumatic disease is an inflammatory condition in the joints. Rheumatism is experienced from the age of 30s and increasing with age. The forms of rheumatic diseases vary, namely:
high uric acid (rheumatism due to uric acid)
autoimmune diseases, such as lupus disease
rheumatoid arthritis
osteoarthritis, etc.
Medicines for rheumatism:
Pain relief and swelling (NSAIDs), eg meloxicam
Corticosteroids, eg: prednisone
Side effects of rheumatic drugs: gastric ulcer, gastrointestinal bleeding, renal impairment, osteoporosis, diabetes, etc. In elderly the risk of stomach bleeding, kidney failure, diabetes, and osteoporosis is increasing, so rheumatic drugs should not be taken without consultation to the doctor first. The doctor will perform a physical examination, blood lab, and x-ray if necessary for diagnosis. Furthermore, the doctor will determine what drugs are consumed by taking into account the risks of these side effects. Medication will be selected which gives the least side effects. Here are tips for the elderly suffering from rheumatism:
Exercise regularly, for example: swimming, taichi, cycling, yoga, walking / jogging, stretching. Conserve with the best physician according to the conditions.
Consumption of foods with a balanced diet: red meat is limited, lots of vegetables, fruits, and fish
Avoid high-purine foods, such as alcohol, canned foods such as sardines,

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