A VIDEO : New Discoveries on eSteem App

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eSteem is a Mobile📱& PC💻 app. for Steem with great features. Also, you get Incentives posting through eSteem apps. eSteem provides rewards for it top users in Leader Board with most Posts, Comments and Highest Earners.This is an app developed by a good witness @good-karma . Thank you for helping us and appreciating our blogs.

Today i wanted to share on the video my new discoveries on the app, it was all amazing , so kindly watch the video below .I've used this old-screen-cracked phone to take my video ,so please bear with the quality, hehe

Again, thanks @good-karma, and to the whole team. You guys are amazing

Download eSteem for your Mobile📱

Android devices [Google Play Store](Check out "eSteem"
IOS devices Apple Store

*Download eSteem Surfer for your PC💻
Available for all OS [Github](Releases · esteemapp/esteem-surfer · GitHub

Join eSteem Discord https://discord.gg/UrTnddT
Join eSteem Telegram http://t.me/esteemapp

Much Love,

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Did you know 90% if people on steemit browse from the bathroom?

thanks for the information, greetings from venezuela.

We have explored so many features to make esteem a better app for the user..glad you notified one more

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Mas gusto ko steemit.com kaya lang bihira maboto kaya mas ginagamit ko na esteem and busy magpost, partiko mag vote/comment 😁

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NICE POOST.........