Difficult or happy, we stay together

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"The best girl is he who wants to be invited to build a life from scratch. You are welcome."

The concept of building a life together, difficult together, towards success from scratch sounds very sexy in the ear. It feels like this is the highest proof of love. For those of us who live in Indonesia and still believe that men should be the leading financial family leaders, this belief then goes down to a simple conclusion: the girl must be willing to be invited to live a difficult life. If you don't mean it means he's bad.

Dude, it's not that simple. Inviting girls to make life together is actually difficult life is not a goal to be proud of. Therefore, the sign is that you are not ready to install the body in order to work for happiness. All his life, his father and mother were desperately happy. How come you come and ask to live hard?

Obviously everyone will not be immediately established after having a title behind the name. Even though he has many connections and comes from famous families. All, indeed it must start from the lowest starting point.

You and your friends must learn to step on it first. Overtime almost every day. Turning the brain to fulfill the client's wishes is sometimes absurd to obey. The target is pursued, pursued by achievements, reviled and given input from superiors to feel "How come I'm so stupid?" This is only natural. Because this is the way it is.

But clearly there is a difference between life is difficult because it is pioneering and life is difficult because of the wrong consideration of momentum to offer sweet commitments. If you want to wait just one more year until the training period is complete, you can settle down more calmly, maybe the story will be different. But unfortunately we are more often following the taste. Do you want to go fast. But obviously a wise girl will know which one to choose.

Obviously, God's goodness need not be questioned. From unexpected walks He always gives convenience. But can't in our lives continue to depend on goodness? Because after all we are endowed with strategic thoughts and the ability to make decisions. We are no longer spoiled children who can keep asking to be fed so as not to starve.

Offering the future and building a new life with good intentions will clearly open the door to fortune. But this does not mean that it could be a free pass to follow your heart rashly. Admittedly, living together is clearly not cheap. Not to mention if there are new lives that will later require trampers, milk, and school fees. In fact, this decision can only be taken after finding him who can be a partner to slam it to the bottom.

We are adults. It's not the time to gape and just nod because of God's promise that is always sweet and flawless. He really will make things easier. But we also have to know ourselves so as not to burden Him. After all, the servant he has to fulfill is not just us.

His parents gave up his day to night; the night became afternoon to fulfill his desires. His father had been scuttled back from outside the city after hearing your girl's body temperature rise. Tens of years before you met his mother gave up all his salary until there was nothing left because he no longer wanted to drink milk and chose to drink formula milk. Formula milk is expensive. But her mother didn't think twice to give her daughter a solid, plump body.

Wincing, are you reading this? Do you feel this is materialistic? Actually this is not a matter of matter. The story of his father and mother is far from limited to fulfilling the most primary needs in oneself.

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