Tips for choosing to be a leader by the community

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General Election, it is interesting to talk about. Some responded with skepticism and some responded hopefully to candidates for their representatives hopefully to bring about changes.

It is interesting to talk about the candidate to be elected as a member of the legislature to make various efforts, even willing to spend such large funds to print supporting properties, socialization, 'coffee money', social assistance for the community.

Actually, if the candidates are aware, he does not need to spend large funds to successfully elected to legislators, namely by approaching the community for a long time and continue to maintain silaturrahmi.

So what if you just become caleg and your popularity is still very low

following tricks and tips to be elected to become legislative members in the upcoming 2019 election.

  • Know Data Voters

The first thing you do is to know the number of voters in the electoral district, such as the number of voters and their classification. Next you make the target what percent of the votes should be achieved in each polling station.

  • Do socialization through door to door.

This system is actually considered powerful to gain popularity in an instant, but not very effective because it takes a relatively long time because it must go to every community to ask for voice support.

  • Present in every community activity.

Whoever you are, whatever your profession will mean nothing without the community.
That is, you need the community to sit as a member of the House. The trick is that you must be active in every community activity.

  • Often Gathered

This method is to make a thick face for those of you who have never mixed with the environment itself or in the place of your candidate. But you should keep practicing it so that voters recognize your identity as a candidate.

  • Memorize verses and hadiths

If you are a candidate for the big people to be elected representatives of the people, you should be ready to perform in public, both in ceremonial meetings, ceremonies to religious events such as Friday sermons and religious speeches. If you do not have a stock of hadith and stock verses of Al-Quran, then surely you will be overwhelmed when asked to be preacher of Friday prayers.

  • Go to the Death Event

When in your area there are people who died, all you have to do is to empathize with the misfortune family. If you need to take up the body coffin and participate menshalatkan to look earthy with the community.

  • Follow Fajr Prayers with residents

If during this time you rarely or never do dawn prayers in the mosques, this time try to intend to wake up at dawn and step your feet to the mosque. Although it looks 'hypocritical' but people will get to know you. "Tumben prayers at dawn in the mosque. There must be a wish "maybe that's the word citizen.

  • Print Business cards, banners, billboards, stickers and clothes.

Although it will spend a lot of money, but to achieve something your goal must be a little sacrifice. After you print your caleg business card, or banners, billboards, stickers and clothes you should spread it. Stick stickers in every home, and elsewhere.

  • Form successful teams

This successful team was formed to work on identifying voter data, sticking stickers and distributing business cards and picture clothes to your face. In addition the team works as an image builder for you in the eyes of the community.

  • Frequently give community help.

If you are asked for financial support by your community do not occasionally reject it. Once you reject the image as a stingy person will stick in yourself. The risk is that citizens will leave you as a candidate and will not vote.

  • Take advantage of Family

If you want to save money on socialization then you should use the family as a successful team.

Hopefully these tips are useful for Caleg

Hopefully elected though through the road a little hypocritical.


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