POETRY: Where My Son Now

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POETRY: Where My Son Is Now

Please hear the cry of a crying mother
with his tears pouring unstopped
A mother is left by a beloved child
Longing to hesitate, he has not been back for a long time

Where is the only one child
The crying mother remembered her wandering child
far do not want to go home for living overseas people
Mother hopes her son will be back soon
with a souvenir lamp

Mom has long been quiet and lonely
Sometimes missed joking filling the lonely day
There is a tremor in the heart "Do you forget to kiss The sole of the foot"?
In order for his life to have peace

Now her missing son has not returned yet
Disappointment lumped in her heart
Want to caress and spill the heart
In order to be a filial child to mother and virtuous

Where? where are you going all this time
Into the ocean or into the thorny jungle
If to the ocean cleverly dive into it
If in the middle of the jungle may thorns not hurt your life

My child...! Your mother is still what she used to be
Always flowing love in the deep heart
Get back quickly without hesitation and doubt
Your mother still keeps a prayer and blessing for you

Your mother wants to be by your side and look after you
Longing to guide and clean the dust so you are always clean
Dust that dirty your hands and footsteps
In order to grow your face shine and soundly in your sleep

Hopefully with this poem you can treat a sad heart because in life we are always in the middle level between the above and the bottom. It means there are still more people who are more sader than us

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