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Jaloe Bruek is a term for the people of Aceh for one of the small fishing transportation that is used as a fishing tool by small fishermen with a fishing operation distance of about 500 meters from the coastline. This simple fishing gear is said in other areas as Cano or small boat.

The origin of naming

The naming given by local residents about it is adopted from the Acehnese language which means Jaloe means sea vehicle while Bruek is a form that resembles a coconut shell, this term is very popular for the people of Aceh especially for fishermen who live in the coastal area.

This small boat is devoted to fishing gear and others that can help the small fishing community in finding or catching small fish, sea crabs and is also often used as a nalayan carrier working on large vessels.

Its size

Jalo Bruek has a size that is ideal for transportation and fishing in the coastal areas. The length is about 5 oe 7 meters and the width is 0.5 meters with a height of about 0.5 meters when in the water, the distance from the surface of the water to the edge of the canoe is about 0.25 meters. While the load for passengers is about 2 adults. Why say this size is ideal with small fishermen because the location of the operation is at least 500 meters from the shoreline.

With the above mentioned size, this canoe can walk inside with water as high as an adult's foot. This boat relies on human strength and does not use engines like ordinary boat boats in general because the speed of the road is very fast even though pedaled by human hands using wooden paddles. The paddle also functions as a steering wheel or turns the regulator to the boat when walking or turning.

Catching tool

These small fishermen also have special fishing gear in the form of nets made of white and fine sansi ropes, if the mines in the sea of ​​fish will not be seen because the color of the thread is white and smooth so that it does not damage the marine ecosystem, the net only catches small fish like cadra fish, mullet, mirah eye, crabs that play on the surface of the water.

There are so many benefits of Jaloe Bruek for small fishermen whose operational area is around the coast, because this boat is easy to enter in any area even though the terrain faced is very narrow. And the weight is also very light if lifted by two adults will be lifted because the material to make this boat is used from very light wood.

But if there are waves in the ocean for those of you who are not proficient in going through the waves you should not do it because in dealing with the waves it requires skilled experience in passing the waves.

Small fishermen who work on their beach are able to conquer the waves because they are accustomed to and have special skills. So that the small boat or Jaloe Bruek does not sink when passing through the waves.

Thus a brief description of Jaloe Bruek used by small fishermen whose operating distance is 500 meters from the shoreline. Thanks.

ThemesJaloe Bruek
LocationAceh, Indonesia
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