March 17th. - Happy St. Patricks Day Celebration.

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My Saint Paddy’s Day dinner celebration. We have Corn beef, potatoes, carrots and cabbage dinner every year. All made the old fashion way.

Yesterday an account was lost to a friend. We spend a lot of time developing our account. Why would you want to give it away. You have to look at how you access your account. There are 3 keys.


Which key are you using to log into your account.

I log in with my Posting key. It is stored in Google.
My Active key is stored on a thumb drive. I only use it when I move funds. Then I copie it from the thumb drive and past it in the password overriding the posting key and finish the process. When prompt to save password I select no. Then I log out and log back in with the posting key stored in google

I have a printed copy and a copy on another thumb drive of my Owners key. I never use the owners key. Never !

This is how I try and secure my account.

How do you secure your account ?????

Here is a older post from @simplymike on what to do after your account is hacked. It is still valid

I hope you read it. @pifc discord has a #information-library that is filled with information. Take the time to read some of these older posts. The threat will increase from scams and phishing as the price of steem increases. We have seen this before, so why would it not happen again.

There is no quick way to build an account. So don’t fall for the free steem or easy gains.
Be smart and safe


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yummmm, came to see how your din din looks. and yep it looks rather irish.

understanding keys and security is important. Its one of the reasons steemit inc are moving the wallet out of


And I seen where there is a warning for using owners key. That is a good thing

I would have gave you a plate. Pull up a chair, dig in. :). MMMmmmmmmm

I am not familiar with St Patricks day but I saw many people posting their dinners on Steemit :) What do you guys celebrate on that day? Why is dinner (or the dishes) so special?

I am a bit embarrassed to say that I used my Master Password to log in till a week ago. I was adviced by some Steemit friends to use my other keys (at that time I didn't know I had other keys, lol) but I couldn't find the right menu to switch them. I find Steemit extremely user unfriendly btw. Then last week (what a miracle) Steemit warned me about using my Master Password and led me to the menu to change it.

So, is Steemit getting more friendly to people like me who just want to blog and don't care about programming or crypto?!

I hope you are doing well and the doctor's appointment today is going just fine! Cross my fingers!


I am glad the warning worked and you changed the password. Most of all it showed you how to change it. People just don’t know that they have different keys for different access levels.
It does appear it is getting more friendly. The learning curve here is which, way high.

Everyone gets to pretend that they are Irish ☘️ on that day. Drink, eat and dye the rivers green. LOL

Thanks for dusting off that post, @wolfhart. It reminds me that I should add a link to it to the footer of my posts again...

Last week, I started using the Steem Keychain extension. Before, I did exactly what you described. Ever since Steem Keychain was launched, I doubted, because I wasn't sure it would be 100% safe. But after a friend told me he got hacked because some malicious software could read and copy anything he added to his clipboard, I decided to do some research. I found out that Steem Keychain is a lot safer than the copy/paste method I was using. I checked my browser extensions and noticed how many of them could see/read information on a website. Now, I only had 'official' extensions, so I was safe... but it made me realize how vulnerable I was. And once I had started using Keychain, I also found out how much of a hassle my old method was...

Btw, I hope the food was as delicious as it looks?! :0)

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It was very good !!!! Everyone went back for 2nd and 3rds. :)

I have to look at steem keychain.
As the account gets bigger you have to stay up on security methods
Thanks for the reminder and steem keychain push 👍

Food looks great. I recently decided to try to not eat cow meat, but I remember it still tastes good lol

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I have cut down on my beef consumption. But that is due to the chemo and how bad it mad things tast. I used to like beef 🥩

Dinner looks delicious! My mom always made the traditional corned beef and cabbage. I miss it!


It came out good. And tasted good to. My tast buds are toast. Comming back slowly so not to often I really enjoy what I am eating and that was really good.
Every year my wife makes the corn beef dinner. This year everything had more meaning and appreciation.

Great info and needed for everyone especially the New accounts. So I hope everybody reads,
And that dinner looks great !!


We need to keep saying it over and over again.

That dinner was so great. Everything seems to be a little more special this year. :)


It i a special year , and it going to get more great Mark my words

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