April 9th - Today is Bone Infusion Day

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Today I went for my infusion. I took a video of the hookup for the IV and the port. The result needs editing. It will be some time before that gets done. I will work on that as time goes on. New learning experience, learning is never ending. I suck at picture taking, so why should video be any better. Hahaha

There was some kind of event going on at the VA, hence all the flags. Bob Dole was at the VA. After all the VA is named after him and he lives in Kansas. He also was the Senator for Kansas. He does not get his medical done at the VA. There is nothing else to say after that.

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Here is a joke


I am not doing to well today. Every time I get the bone infusion I seem to go backwards. We have to treat the bone marrow. That is what we are doing and have to keep doing. This is a roller coaster ride. We have been going up and down for 7 months now. A battle of wills. My will cannot be broken or weaken. I can go on like this forevermore .
Nurse Steve came by today and now I am on a water pill. Yep I am retaining water. My hands look like the rock guy on the Fantastic Four.
I am 241 lbs, thats 109.3 k. That’s not to bad because I am 6’2”. And a couple pounds as a cancer patient is good.

In the big picture we are doing great. This was never going to be a picnic. Its hard work, being persistent and having more positive events then negative. We are so far ahead in the positives .


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That's cute the VA has jokes for it's patients. Was that board near the restroom by chance? :)

You have a wonderful attitude. I wish you an easier time the rest of the week.


Its right outside of the oncology department. They put jokes up there all the time

Thank you 🙏

What does VA mean? I am having trouble figuring that out! F#[email protected] are you a champ. Your attitude is right on point. (Sharp T) Big prayers for comfort and peace each moment of your journey @wolfhart One Step At A Time 🌅💗🌻


Veterans Administration
Its the hospital for disabled veterans.
Yep one step at a time 🙂

Hang in there my friend. I know it is the toughest battle anyone can ever fight. You are my hero.


The 2 weeks after the bone 🍖 infusion kicks my butt.
My butt might be sore but my sprite is always high. Hahaha
Pills -eat - sleep over and over again. Just finished dinner 🍽 ( i took a picture ;). ). Now I have to take a pill 💊 then sleep.
I will be up later tonight


Take good care of yourself and you'll be back at it soon. I love your attitude!


I would have a different attitude but I don’t know how.


And I'm glad! 😘

learning is never ending, get well soon.

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We have to keep moving forward. Learning is a way to do that.

I know a bit about constant struggle - I have been having severe joint problems for about 10 years now - it is hard sometimes to keep a positive mind - but it's ok to be down once in a while as long as you get up your feet afterwards - be strong my friend :)


Sorry to here that.
Pain is a terrible thing. Joints problems effect everything.

Hi dear same story agsin, just as you are doing a bit better again new run, but as you said 7 months have past and you are doing great.


7 months, can you beleive that. : )
Its a challenge but then what isn’t.
Its a slow long road to recovery. A long hard road that has to be traveled.

Hahahaha . I am so wiped, I have to take a nap 😴


Your earned some sleep 😴


Yea the nap was gooood.

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