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Media reports that the Ministry of Finance supports the idea of ​​creating its own national crypto currency.

State investment in the implementation of this project is not considered.

According to, the country's president has ordered the addition of 2018 Russian law with a new concept: crypto currency, mining, ICO.There were also rumors about the planned use of blocking technology in the gas industry and the participation of the largest gas companies in the project. The best specialist from this industry works on its creation. This project will start from Russia, with the opening of the next office abroad, in Europe. The sale of token based on etherium is planned, followed by the release of crypto currency with its own block.
Going forward, the token holder will receive crypto RUSGAS currency. In this case, the investor will receive double profits from the token and from the crypto currency.There is also information that the token in the future can be exchanged for shares of a new gas company.
It should be noted that the world's tycoons in the oil, gas and energy markets are confident of the ability to block markets and ensure capital security for all of its subjects. Company representatives believe that this method will significantly speed up transactions, while improving their efficiency and safety. According to the latest economic calculations, the use of block technology in the gas industry can reduce business costs by 30%.There is an opinion that the loyalty of Russian rulers against the blockade is related to the release of RUSGAS. Russia is planning a new private project as an incentive for domestic and foreign investment. They will be used as financial support for our country's stagnant companies because of the impossibility of selling their products to international markets arising from sanctions imposed. In addition, the Kremlin believes that the launch of the new crypto currency would reduce the capital outflow of the country.Currently, official information is available on site

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