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In his lecture at Bungkah Mosque, North Aceh tonight (8/5/2018), Habib Segaf Baharun recounts his experience when someone asked his teacher in Mecca Abuya Sayyid Muhammad Alwi Al-Maliki about how to deal with difficult children to wake up to pray dawn.

Then Abuya asked back, If if your house fires and your son is still asleep what do you do? Then the questioner answered I would wake him up. If he still does not wake up? The answer is I keep trying to wake him even if watering or dragging. If that's what you do for fear your son is hit by fire in the world, then what you should do to save your child from the fires of hell ...

But how many of the parents just wake their children to eat, for school, while they forget to wake up their children to get used to praying that saves them in the world and the hereafter.

A brief excerpt from RTA Pidie's streaming broadcast.

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