Daily Digital. True or false? 😜Wacky Wednesday! 😎 Interaction Distraction 😜

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This is my entry into the Wacky Wednesday contest organized by the VERY attractive and undeniably dynamic @helpie

😜Wacky Wednesday! 😎 Interaction Distraction 😜

"True or false?"

The aim of this contest is to distract @helpie so I have created a bit of a brain teaser for her.......and you from my digital images. Most of my followers know how much I enjoy applying digital effects to my orignial photos but what I don't always tell them is whether or not the original matter is a real subject or a statue or a photo of a realistic craft piece or a drawing or a painting I have done.

I have included four images (below) and only one of the subjects is real.......or alive. Take a look and see if you can work out which photo was captured from a living species rather than an inanimate object. I will fill you in before the end of the week if you need to confirm your choice.

WARNING! Don't jump to conclusions! Not all is as it appears. I may have used a red herring (or chimp, kangaroo, possum or crocodile (as the case may be) to trip you up or confuse you.)

HAVE FUN! GET DISTRACTED! And if you like this brain teaser, perhaps I'll do another one like this soon.





It's not too late to enter this contest, so here is the link with a little information below. Click here:

For this week... we gonna do a little

Interaction Distraction


👉Distract me!

With a gif, a joke, a pic, a meme, story, hilarious Reddit post. LITERALLY, ANYTHING that will catch my eye or distract me from things I should be doing.🙃

👉 It doesn't hurt to say I'm pretty.😏

DEADLINE to enter: When post pays out. I'll announce the winner and a new contest next Wednesday!



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I have been looking at this for that last day... (thank you for the distraction). 😍 And believe I've come to the conclusion that the kangaroos are real... in real life.

However! It's quite hard to tell!

Thanks for playing in @helpies Wacky Wednesday contest!


Thank you for the opportunity to distract you @carrieallen 😁 10 out of 10 for coming to the right conclusion re: the kangaroos. 🤗 Well spotted!!!!!

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What a great brain teaser - and a feast for the eyes! Four excellent images, I say the Kangaroos are real. U&R


You guys are just too observant. I'll have to step up with my next True or False challenge will. That wasn't a Brain Teaser.....It was a Brain Easer!

Many thanks for the kind resteem and support my friend. 💐

This is a tricky one, but I would say kangaroos are real.
Although that crocodile looks very much alive I hope you did not go so close.for the photo. 😀


Thanks so much for participating Neli. The kangaroos do look real don't they and you'll be happy to know that the croc was made of concrete so I was bale to get up very close. 🐊 😄

They all look great and alive but i got to go for the Kangaroos :)


Thanks @hangin I think I may have made this brain teaser too easy. I'll have to make it more challenging next time. 😁


You did....You did...time to get tough on us...lol :)

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Thank you @esteemapp 💐


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Thank you for participating in the 😜Wacky Wednesday! 😎 Interaction Distraction 😜


Ooooh thank you very much @helpiecake That is so generous of you. 🌷 🌼 🌷

Howdy Trudee! hey this ain't fair, they ALL look like the real thing to me! If I had to guess I'd say the Kangaroos. But man are those good!


Yeah, the grass in the kangaroos mouth is a bit of a give away but yes you are correct. I'm going to have to be a lot tougher next time as you are all too good.lol


Howdy Trudee! oh did everyone guess the kangaroo? Well, I thought it was a shot in the dark, I thought they were all really good.

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