The Silence Witness After A Decade

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For millions of people across in Asia, the recent more decades anniversary of 2004 tsunami boxing day. It was a great reflection for remembering their loves one who losed on that fierce and terrifiying day. On this sadness day. Now, more than 200 thousands were claimed that their lives and affacted millions of others. Over the past decade, most of them which affected as tsunami viction get back on their feet to strenght their lives.

Especially for Banda Aceh, Indonesia, it was most of davastaged are when the terrible earthquake and biggest tsunamy waves swept on December 26, 2004.

“At this day, i can’t recall anything that happened on that day because I never imagines what the tsunami was like,” said Abduh, 32 years old.


Abduh said that, he saw a dark and huge wave that came rushing toward his village in Kajhu, Baitussalam sub-district, Aceh Province. The biggest waves then called as tsunamy was devastated hundreds of buildings and killed his all families.

“At this time, I saw my parents were killed in that disaster and I was left to be cared for by my uncle. Now, I have only their photograph, I miss them very much when some poeple talk about them and stunami stories,” said Abduh.

Now, Abduh has waken up for his past. Abduh who was finished his bachelor degree majoring in agriculture at Syiah Kuala University. His life has already changed, in his mind, just never look on his back and trying to step forward the future life.


I remember that day ! Astagfarullah ! I hope God helps our broken hearts and helps the victims stay strong ! I also wish InshAllah he will protect us from his creations of powerful Mother Nature !

thank you very much for your kindly comment @newyorkfever, are you Moslem, too?

Just keep fighting and keep memories for lesson to future day!

thank you very much for your kindly comment @rahmayn


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