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The Spirit of Seeking Sustenance In The Fasting Month

in esteem •  6 months ago

Hello fellow steemians
The afternoon trip while looking for food for breaking the fast I saw people selling sugarcane and coconut water in banda aceh city I saw the salesman spirit of sugar cane water and young coconut very happy when I saw it. This is the moment and the atmosphere during the fasting month that is in this man aceh selling on the edge of the highway in the afternoon that there is a moon on the edge of the road. Friends can see my photo below. I took this photo using smart phone.






Thank you for reading and viewing my post hopefully my friends inspired and liked my post. I am very happy if anyone would vote to my post. The voice of friends means a lot to me.
Greetings from the author @taqincz

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Thank you for taking my photo and providing support for my post. I am willing to end up posting colorchallenge and reply to comments from friends.
regards @czechglobalhosts