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Shocking news and very expectable at the same time...

In 2020 Google corporation is going to block access to any alternative sources of info.


What will be under the risk?

  • resources about the danger and harm of VACCINATION
  • about GMO product's and their negative influence on human health
  • about natural medicine
  • organic ways of keeping health and beauty
  • home and handmade recipes about health and treatment
  • including negative facts about the System, traditional medicine, Big Pharma etc

So, as you can see, people just should look into definite directions and with definite attitude to it.
No freedom, no common sense, no right to be different and think different.

Moreover, Google is planning to change the system of seeking info by users. When people type something, the system will promt the variants. Like it works now BUT variants will be corrected as well. Only those ones which are appropriate to the system..


The process wad started long ago.
For example, the most famous site of natural medicine made by the doctor Mercola has been suffering from this pressure politics of Google for a ling time.


Their representatives say that they have noticed the changes in theirs Google traffic at once after the changes have been activated.


When people create requests for searching of info, Mercola site is not seen on first pages at all, though before it always had leading places.

The situation is even worse because Google coproration is supported by other leaders - Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter.

Is there any way out of this net?

Don't know.. I hope people will find variants to break this barrear.

For now we are suggested to remember alternative sources:

Searching systems


Alternative of Youtube


Alternative sources of info


And I hope Blockchain and Steemit will be one more Island of the truth, or must it obey to this strategy too??

Many users here are brave enough to show their alternative position in many questions, so will they be able to do it in one year as well?

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the govts and corporations have no common sense since the whole time im alive
good post talia
also a change from your usual
very nice

Thanks! Yeah, it was shock for me, I couldn't pass by:(

oh yeah goodgopher is another good search engine
i forgot to mention that in the last reply
have a good evening

I'm not really sure if the no vaccines, or any other movement is right... But what I really beleive is in the right to have a free (as in freedom), neutral networks were we could gather...

Google is well know for their politics, we should try to use other resources to keep the net we like.

Greetings from Mexico.

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Agree with you!
People have less and less rights...


This is all new to me, but after reading it sounds scary. Hope we can make this world a better place for ourselves with our conscious efforts.

Never give up...
It's all we can do:(

Oh my dear, this really proves that we are getting from bad to worst. Well there are many other options to look at and replace in place of google. Yohan had mentioned to me about one, but I forgot the name. They are paid but the information there is genuine. Google has become too much of a garb. Dr. Mercolas products are excellent, I have been using them for sometime, but yes all good and genuine things and people suffer largely.

From bad to worst... - a nice expression, though a very sad one, but very true to the situation:(
We will find the alternative for sure!

That's right.

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Blockchain and Steemit will be one more Island of the truth

я не замечаю этих материалов в выдаче -- особенно, это касается "поиска по картинкам". гугль не индексирует эти "залежи". найти что-то внутри блокчейна, пользуясь средствами самого блокчейна - задача не из возможных. имха.