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Cats are absolutely mysterious creatures for me, especially when we speak about sphynx cats:)

Dogs are friends, dogs are immortal devotion and immortal support. Cats are... Do not know.. They are different, too independent, too free.

Tbh I am not a big fan of cats, and I always was in love with dogs. We had a dog in my childhood, and we lost it..this tragedy was too deep for us, and we never had dogs after it...

Now my brother has a cat. He switched himself to cats and...I was surprised how fast she got his heart! Now she is his world, like his 3rd baby (he had 2 sons already)!

How do cats do it? How do they make us love them even if we do not like cats?:)

I heard much about her, but I was sure I would be indifferent because she is a cat, not a dog.

But when I spent a half of an hour with her I noticed my heart melted! This warm bold creature was absolutely amazing:)

Look at this bold queen:))






And my favourite one - Dezya (our cat's name) with her mom, sisters and brothers


Endless tenderness....


And that's why I don't like cats. Unpredictable!

ahaha they are crazy yeah:)) and they crush New Year trees all the time:)) my brother doesn't set a tree;)

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Their independent nature is exactly what I like about cats. I find dogs too clingy and needy. These are nice photos! Thanks for posting!

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How do cats do it? How do they make us love them even if we do not...

well, this is their priority skill the cats have developed during the hundred thousand years of their evolution, and you do want to find it out in days or months?.. hehe

congrats to your brother -- 'он попал'

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