Beware of this new scam website

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Hello steemians, i would like to share an importamt news with u all again.i already said in my previous post about that scam i loss 0.02 BTC (about $80) in that scam. you can read that post here........

How the expohills website looks like?


It looks like a good site but it is a very BAD SITE and it is scam site.
They will try to make an account in this and send BTC to your acount and we felt happy that we got so many BTC.
see the BTC that i have received into my wallet and it will triggers you to withdraw
But problems comes here when we try to withdraw BTC it won't all your BTC to withdraw as it is frozen by them. And it asks to deposit 0.02 BTC to withdraw BTC and when we deposit 0.02 BTC we have to understand that we lost our money.

And the support channel and chat is with full of scammers and asking your details your ip address,your details etc....
When we ask them in support they says that to withdraw you should be listed in contract trade group it means here they start to hack your pc.
See that chat box-
In chat box u will find these few people only.and your messges will get deleted by them.
They gives you one promocode to use to download an extension.the extension name is CBH and they tell us to sync the coinbase account (addresses) with this extension.when we do this our pc will get hacked.
Eventhough the BTC seen in your account they are not yours and what u deposited is also lost.when u caht in chat group the messgaes will be deleted.this is what happens in this scam.
I request great people of #steem plz report this website to higher authorities and spread this scam news to more people as many people can know and avoid this site because evils are wandering everywhere and around us.

Dont get fooled by this site like me.beware of that site

it's necessary to spread this news to all steemians to protect ourself from evils.

spread the word before they reach us and protect yourself

Plz report this site to officials.

Thank you @esteem for giving this app to make posts.

Thanks for reading,
Yours @summisimeon

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I am already in it @esteem