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Maybe we are always overcome by the feeling of fear and doubt in doing something we want. Fear of failure and fear of making mistakes is so dominating in our lives.

Have friends ever felt such a thing? or friends can not escape from the fear of failure and fear wrong?

I think this is one of the things that keep us from growing into a great person, a successful person in everything. Realize that these fears are just pieces of thought that we should throw away.

We should be more afraid of not doing anything. Is not it?

If we do nothing, we will never produce anything in life. This fear of failure tends to be the biggest hindrance to success.

For example, we are afraid to be given new positions and new responsibilities, afraid of failing to start a newly pioneered business, afraid of making mistakes in solving a problem, or being afraid of life issues that 'he said' would bring the implications of failure and error which is more complex.

It is time we change that thinking,

No need to worry if you fail. Because basically, failure is what brings us in the process of improvement and perfection.

No need to worry about making a mistake. Because of that mistake we learn many things and can make us understand the meaning of mistakes to something right.

Failure and error is not a frightening specter, precisely from that we live. We can understand, understand, study, and can make it a valuable experience, which makes us more 'alive'.

From now on, just do what you have to do. No need to fear failure, let alone afraid of making mistakes. Basically, humans have a tendency to continue to learn and adapt.

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