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RE: eSteem - iOS v1.4.5, Schedule posts, Bandwidth saver, language, improvements, minor Android fix

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Hello, i downloaded the app.
And i could log in, to my account and everything was good.
But when i want to upvote a post, then i get an error message.
Like this

Broadcast error, try again!

After this i try again, and same thing.
There is no problem with my network connection, because i can do everything on my Iphone.
And its a Iphone 5s.
Did i do something wrong or something?
And it doesen't matter wich post i want to upvote, same error.


Could you try restarting app to see issue gets resolved? For some devices it seem to help

Hello, thanks for your answer.
Unfortunately i already did that, when i saw your post about the app.
But after this replied, i did it again and now i got this message.

Thank you for getting back!
Did you have this issue with 1.4.4 or 1.4.3 version?
What iPhone and What iOS version you are on?

Hi thanks for the fast reply.
When i go the app store, then i only have one option for esteem.
Before i saw your topic, then i had the app for a week, and had the error problem.
After i saw your topic, i removed that app, and downloaded the latest version.
If am correct.
And after your reqeust to remove it, then i did and downloaded again.
Then i got the error message, what i posted in the last picture.

I got an Iphone 5s version 10.3.2,
The esteem version i got is v 1.4.5

Great, thanks for details! I will do some tests and release minor version update if necessary ;)

To me it's not a big deal, but i saw it happened.
There for i thought , you need to know what is going on.
I can say, yeah yeah it's good, it's good, while i get that error message :)
Nope not me, i got to be honest and straight! Thats me!

Beside that, everything else is more then good.
Because i can also see the percentage of my reputation, i cant see that when i open the site behind my computer.
I mean those numbers between my post numbers, and my followers number.

Those numbers can motivate you, to even be more creative.
Thats very nice. Keep up the good work!

Yeah, always appreciate the feedback...that's how we can improve ;)
That's voting power indicator...

Don't need to improve much, i like the concept of Steem.
When sooner or later a video option will be in Steemit, then it's a done deal.
It gives the chance for everyone to show there creativity.
I think we all can quitly /loudly say, it's about time that sometimes like Steemit is here. So Let's make the best of it!!
I saw many creative people, but they get no chance.
There for i am talking to many people in my area about STeemit, many simply don't know anything about STeemit.
The media here in the Netherlands, dont talk about it.
But i am working on it. :)
Cheers m8