Most Dangerous Disease Corona Virus at this moment in the world

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I do not know absolute true news about corona virus how it was created and Who has spread it.
Most countries say the Chinese are spreading
.Since this coronavirus has been infected in China first of all, Since there are many arguments on this topic, I will not go into this topic specifically.. i do not know absolute information .Forgive me if my content is any wrong.

At present Corona virus has created the most panic in the world . It is a type of infectious disease. At first many China people had effected by this disease . Many people had died by this disease . At present Italy has died the most people in the world . Lakh lakh people has effetced this disease in the world . Corona virus has attacked very much among some countries . Italy , chaina , spain , Iran , America , jermany ,England etc. Bangladesh and India has effected by this disease . Many people had effected by it . Some people has been died by corona virus in India. Minimum nighteen thousand people has died by this virus in all over this world .

As a Indian , i will say that we should maintain social distance and increase public awareness . At this time , Indian prime minister has taken many steps . Different CM has taken many step. We should obey their rule and regulation . Stay home save lives . Some people has not taken seriously about this disease . As a result Corona virus is attacking his power day by day . For this reason , People are falling to the brink of death. At this moment adminstration department ,police force and doctor ,nurse is obeying perfectly their duty with their own life risk . So We selute that types of people . We prayWe will pray with allmightly , God release ours from corona virus. Lastly I will request for everyone , please please please stay your home, save lives . You use mask . Everyday you use Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and hand wash for a few hours. Without emergency , Don't get out of your room. Save yourself, others will live. If you have early symptoms of the disease, go to the doctor.If you have the ability, please come forward, help those who are helpless infected people .

Thanks all my community friends .