This tears are not difficult to love this tears.

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Koli is excited to sleep in bed.
At 10 o'clock in the night, why the man is not coming?
It was never too late to return from the office. What the hell, do not you even phone?
Is there any problem in the street?
Callingbell ran to the door and opened the door and stood on one side of the door.
Every day, after opening the door, opening the door, a little bit of the cheek, and the files of the office opened with the hand of the pillar.
Today, when he opened the door, he did not open the shoe and went into the mouth of the sirens without saying anything. Not even said a word.
What is the man? He did not do that, why not say a word? Is he angry for some reason? But he did not do anything like anger, why would he become angry? Nothing has happened, but what has happened?
Clay came to the house by closing the door and putting tea water.
Sumon has gone to the veranda in front of the house;
What is he thinking so much about? Why is he not saying anything?
Every day, Sumon wants tea to leave the house. I did not want it today. Do not make the body bad?
Coming to the balcony, Koli asked what happened to you? Has the body bad?
Sumon did not say anything, he was quietly stopping in a cigarette after a while, and did not even look at the blacksmith.
The thoughts of the Colony increased, what is the reason for the man? Did he make a mistake? If there is something, why not say it?
After waiting for a while, he went to the kitchen without giving the answer, and after making tea, again asked Sumon again, what happened to you?
Sumon is not talking anymore.
Suman has never done such a thing before, how many people have come to the house by telling stories Ever since the marriage has never been consummated with the husband, it is as if he is a stranger. Think of the water in the eyes of Koli.
He said in a tears, "Did I make a mistake?" I made a mistake? See if I have made a mistake then tell me, do not be silent in this way. He hoped to get an answer, he looked silently in favor of Suman.
Sumon said in a gentle voice that nothing happened.
The color of the pen has rattled, something that has happened, can understand it, but why would he hide it? Does he have his hideout? He will not look at anything once more. Coli is drinking water from the eyes. He can not stand again.
I said with a plea: Look, if I have made a mistake, if I give you any trouble, then I apologize to you, forgive me, but keep your face in such a giggle.
Suman, holding tea cup with his tea cup, started to speak quickly, today is the 20th of the month. Last month's money is almost, there is only a thousand rupees, how can I do it?
Fasting started, the price of the brinjal was 40 rupees before the price of 90 rupees, milk, banana, vegetables, meat and everything else rose.
Shuyuli school's salary accumulating, teenage milk, parents medicine and market will do this? I told the boss that he did not pay anything for the salary.
Calling the hands of Colly Sumon, she said, do not worry about them, a system will be fixed.
Sumon began to say again, three fasting could not be marketed. Parents keep their fast every day, fasting up to Cheyuli, but can not sell a little better for you, but how much food every day gives iftar to the office, those foods do not enter through my mouth. Even after being selfish, I did not eat without you, my daughter is fasting even when she is so young, when she eats the food, she knows that her face comes in front of me repeatedly, apples, grapes and how much I like, but I can not bring them even if I am a father, selfish Just like eating alone. Forgive me
Koli went to the house and brought 4 thousand rupees to Alamdi and handed it to Suman, why do you worry so much about this, do not do this and market them with these.
Sumon looked at the blacksmith and asked himself, Where did you get the money?

  • You do not pay me some money every month for the cost, I do not have that money. It's time to get accustomed.
    Sumon's heart is like a feeling, he starts crying like a baby with a pencil.
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