The story of love

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"I looked at the clock in my hand with a kind of anxiety ... clockwise saying, at 6 o'clock!
The dark blue shirt pushes the crowd that the girl is coming towards me with a ponytail, I know her very well ... yet she seems very unknown at this moment.
Our identity is almost a year ... In this year, I never saw him wearing blue sari ... I looked at his eyes yesterday afternoon and said:
"Blue color is my favorite"
She did not say anything ... in the corner of her lip, only a laughing line, silent shout, gave me a story of thousands of words.
When I crossed the road, I saw the fear of his face ... while looking at the speedy truck, when my hand was captured in the prison of his hands, my fiancé was willingly sentenced to life imprisonment ... the demand was not fulfilled !!
Those five seconds ... my heart and my pulse pulse pulse in the same vibrations for five seconds !!
That's the first, that's the end ... and I have never touched him, maybe not!
... ... ...
The girl quickly reached the door of the train ... the train will be left in between minutes and minutes ... sitting in the seat on the window, removing hair from the eye and looking at me ... I noticed, one drops tears coming from my right eye Carefully touched the platform of the train !!
The train started to move ... and in a little while the face would disappear from my eyes ... Someone in the chest said to me, "Run ... please run ... ... will regret ..."
The boy in the novel was picked up by a train on the train ... he could take the hand of the girl through the window by tapping the hero of the movie ... but in reality I stood on the platform and saw the face of a distraught helpless face was lost !!
I thought so long, I love the girl ... I love it intensely ... I thought it was wrong !!
I have never loved a girl ... I was afraid to love him ... I was very scared


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