The Meaning Of Love 👫

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The Meaning Of Love

To cherish is to share coexistence,

to construct uncommon plans only for two,

to work one next to the other,

and after that grin with satisfaction,

as one by one, dreams all materialize.

To cherish is to help and empower

with grins and genuine expressions of acclaim,

to set aside opportunity to share,

to tune in and care

in delicate, warm ways.

To adore is to have somebody exceptional,

one on whom you can simply depend

to be there as the years progressed,

sharing chuckling and tears,

as an accomplice, a darling, a companion.

To adore is to gain extraordinary experiences

of minutes you want to review,

of all the great things

that sharing life brings.

Love is the best of all.

I've taken in the full significance

of sharing and minding

furthermore, having my fantasies all work out as expected;

I've taken in the full importance

of being enamored

by being and cherishing with you..


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