The Meaning of Life

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As we grow older, we tend to reflect more on life. We begin to wonder if there is a meaning to life – a meaning to this existence. Unfortunately, no one can tell you for certain if there is a meaning to life, or the part you play in this life. It is up to us to deal with that the best we can.

My take is that Life has no meaning. Life is indifferent. Come what may, life goes on. Days turn into nights, and night into morning. The tide comes in, and the tide goes out regardless of what happen. Like a river flowing out to sea, life goes on carrying with it all that stood in the way. It is futile to resist. You have to go with the flow and it is up to you to make the most of your life. That is where you find the meaning of your life - while you are living life, doing what you do.

The meaning of life cannot be told; it has to happen to a person. We have to live it. Our lives are like empty canvases. It is up to us to fill it with colour and meaning. The possibilities are limitless. Put your creative juices to work. Your canvas is yours to create. So, create! Live!

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Just because life is meaningless doesn't mean we can’t experience it meaningfully. - Glen Duncan

People say that what we’re all seeking is the meaning of life … I think that what we’re really seeking is the experience of being alive. - Rudyard Kipling

It is while you are patiently toiling at the little tasks of life that the meaning and shape of the great whole of life dawn on you. - Phillips Brooks

The very meaninglessness of life forces a man to create his own meaning. - Stanley Kubrick

What is the meaning of life?... A simple question; one that tended to close in on one with years. The great revelation had never come. The great revelation perhaps never did come. Instead there were little daily miracles, illuminations, matches struck unexpectedly in the dark. - Virginia Woolf

Life has meaning only if one barters it day by day for something other than itself. - Antoine De Saint-Exupery

The answer is simple: if you cannot find meaning inherent in life right now, as you live it in this visible world, the addition of an infinite amount more of the same isn't about to somehow make it any more meaningful! Add a whole string of zeroes to a zero and watch what happens. - Robert M. Price

It is who we become, what we contribute . . . that gives meaning to our lives. - Tony Robbins

Life takes on meaning when you become motivated, set goals and charge after them in an unstoppable manner. - Les Brown

The one who plant trees, knowing that he will never sit in their shade, has at least started to understand the meaning of life. - Rabindranath Tagore


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I've always loved that last one. It's a good one to sit and ponder.

Yes, that is a profound one. 😊

How are you doing

I am doing great. I hope you are doing well too. 😊

lol! the meaning to life is a big question mark? lol...oh my gosh some of these quotes are even funnier sir Vincent, great job of picking some great ones!