TREETUESDAY Are You Kidding?

in esteem •  7 months ago

I was late last week and
you thought this
week was going to
be the same.

Well, you are wrong.
I had a tree in mind
and here it is.


Isn't s/he a beauty?


I captured it with my smartphone
while I was eating.


It was perfect timing
to get the picture.


I wish it was in my yard
but it isn't so you'll have
like my photos. . .maybe...
hopefully upvote this post.
Shameful Plug! ! !
The food was great and
you'll have to join us
next time we're at the
Dandelion Tea Room
in Central, Florida.


All photos are mine and
I put them in
Creative Commons Attribution


All you have to do
is give me credit here


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That tree with the cool trunk was an outstanding find!


Curious how they pop up everywhere
when you are looking.

Whatever it is it looks amazing! What a crazy looking trunk it has. Happy tree Tuesday!


Ponder on that for a spell or two.

Yes it is, that tree is looking so nice @pitterpatter, what is the name of this tree??


It's a meditation tree called a Bohi Tree

where the Budha was enlighted.
The resturante holds many events there and
is strickly vegan > but the food is excellent.
They support the arts, (all kinds) too.


Okay, thank you for your time and reply @pitterpatter, so nice of you.

It seems very crazy. The photo is incredible.

It is a tree that is isolated from the rest, but it is the most striking, I would say. He would even take a picture of him in the same way, besides it makes a lot of shade, it would not be bad to rest for a while under him.


T H A N K S and they are rare in these parts.
I would rest under it when it got HOT.
The Sanskrit word ‘bodhi’ means ‘awakening’.
It was while meditating under the Bodhi tree
at Bodh Gaya, that Siddhartha Gautama
became Buddha, the ‘awakened one’.
It is for this reason that the Bodhi tree and
the Buddha will always be inextricably linked.
The Bodhi tree and the Mahabodhi Temple
is the most sacred place on Earth for the Buddhists.

The knowledge he gained under the Bodhi tree,
set him free from bondage and
the cycle of birth and rebirth.
I edit and made the gif at