Steemmonsters Season Rewards

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Source: steemmonsters

This season's end came with the reward cards within normal. As I was in the Gold League III were 22 cards.

Source: steemmonsters

I opened immediately but the disappointment struck strong, only 1 EPIC and some RARE the rest was expected.

Source: steemmonsters

Anyway, I made the decision to change my goals in the game.

Source: steemmonsters

I decided to sell my only LEGENDARY and a few more reasonable cards.

Source: steemmonsters

I made about 13 STEEM much less than invested.

Now it's time to go to the market and buy a card that was missing from my WATER team.

I will continue to play without much stress and without investing any more that comes given I accept.

Este fim de season chegou com as cartas de recompensa dentro do normal. Como estava na Gold League III foram 22 cartas. Abri logo de imediato mas a desilusão bateu forte, apenas 1 EPIC e alguns RARE o resto ja era esperado.

Enfim tomei a decisão de alterar meus objetivos no jogo.

Decidi vender meu único LEGENDARY e mais algumas cartas com valor razoável.

Apurei cerca de 13 STEEM bem menos do que o investido.

Agora hora de ir no mercado e comprar uma carta que fazia muita falta no meu time WATER.

Vou continuar a jogar sem muito stress e sem investir mais o que vier dado eu aceito.

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As minhas cartas de recompensa tambem vieram fraquinhas.

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Ainda nao ganhei coragem para entrar nesse jogo nem no drug wars

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