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RE: eSteem Mobile v2 - Android release

in #esteem3 years ago

Hi @good-karma I'm writing this comment on v2.
For now it looks great, I will explore better and try to find things.
One already found is, if I leave this comment and back again all I've written gone.


Here can I see my comments without going on posts?

In my opinion there to much wasted space on top and less space on posts zone

Thanks for feedback! Profile details can be collapsed

Can or will be?

Can or will be?

Can or will be?

Can or will be?

It is already possible. This might have been one of the bugs. Have you submit your comment multiple times intentionally or there was something that app didn't react? We are checking this just to be sure. :) Thanks for giving it a try !

App didn't react or maybe net connection...

Sorry! Don't know what it happens

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