in #esteem3 years ago

Still lies the stinking pool.
Toads and tadpoles breeding in its cool.
Immuned to the rage of stench
Much lower than their belch.

Then comes mercurial pulveriser
Bragging possession of sanitiser
Reserved in his old armoury
And never known to be jittery.

A stinking saviour deodorised
Was raised to be democratised
By a gang great in robbery
And fit only for forgery.

"I am for no one
And for everyone"
A phrase for a feat
But meant only for deceit.
A court of nepotism
Is the bastion of patriotism
All are second class citizen
Outside north of the horizon.

Time to cleanse the cleansers
Who are killing martyrs
And abet violence on innocent
With blood trail as antecedent.