Japan has historically been rabbit island

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Japan's traditional culture and exciting fun filled places.

Japan is surrounded by water around the island nation. Japan, one of the islands in the interesting rabbit island will tell .
The tiny island of rabbits, a darkness, a little history there. Rabbit Island, the island as there are a lot of small rabbits fed rabbits have no right to keep their victim. Guests can visit the island with a small rabbit photo, You can play.

Each rabbit around the island known as the Seto Inland Sea called awake explaining large intestine Hee Shanxi's provincial capital of Japan to Turkish coast and is located more than two miles away. In World War II, the Japanese emperor's military secret factories had produced thousands of tons of gas, this island has been removed from the map of the territory of Japan.

The island which was used during the process of chemical poison gas to China was in China during the 1940s and 1930s than ten thousand soldiers and eight civilians were killed.

The soldiers began to produce chemical weapons in 1929, in order to test and evaluate the effectiveness of these weapons were taken to the island for small rabbits.
They visited the island of rabbits feed the tourists and the small rabbit in favor of a later increase in rabbits reproduce small can not control can affect the island's ecosystem.

Fruits and plants on the island are not enough to eat small rabbits. The children's health care experience is needed. Holiday visits tourist feeding the rabbits, although it's the rainy season, a time when kids are still difficult to get a meal.
The small rabbits on the island is very close to a near getting some friendly guests when they feed, they enthusiastically. As long as I remain this island in the presence of many ယုန်လေး.
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