My Macro: I see this insect is almost similar to mosquitoes

in esteem •  5 months ago

Hallo Everyone..

Glad to be sharing with all friends..

Original Photo By : @nm007

I will share some photos of the results I took this afternoon using my cell phone camera and I also use a macro lens when I photograph this insect.

Original Photo By : @nm007

Not much information I get about this type of insect, I myself do not know the name of this insect. At first glance we see this insect is almost similar to mosquitoes, but he has a different color from mosquitoes.

📷Taken by@nm007
CameraiPhone 5s

Thanks for reading..

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peuruno lon cara macrophotography


Nyoe mudah that bang, cuma modal lensa macro sagai..

bereh droeneuh tgk @nm007
nyan haroeh neu pakat-pakat long sigoe-goe wate jak berburu target Macro..