goddess the sower of love

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goddess the sower of love

There is a valley hiding behind a hill
Hill hiding behind the forest
From a distance I screamed screaming
Full of anxiety and fear

I'm lonely, cold and hungry
Sing softly sad songs
A sturdy heart wall also vibrates
Feel sad because you are tired of waiting for you

After years
Now the days I have been waiting for have arrived
This is my hand wide open for you
Come here, come and come near me

I currently have reasons
To praise you, to flatter you
Quite right if you never miss it
God is good, choose yourself and send it to me

Ask you, O woman
What do you think I am?
Then the tender words came out very softly
Say, you are not created for someone
But to fear God and be my priest

The sentence sounds like a poem from heaven
Now I don't hesitate in hesitation
Exactly you are the Goddess of the sower of love
Present as my perfection in the universe

If only there were words that were nobler than love
If only there is a greater word of love
Of course you are the one who deserves it
Come here and let me be your priest


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