A Story : The Facts About Library and Reading.

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Hi, friends!


Today I want to talk about the library in my place. Everyone knows that reading is a window to the world. Reading is the foundation of the nation's intelligence, because realizing reading is important. Because what, in the book contains thousands of kinds of knowledge that one person does not have.

The current phenomenon is the low desire to read, due to environmental changes and lack of encouragement from any party. In fact, it is from the government itself, even though the government has provided a public library, but if it is insolent, the library will not evacuate anyone, except the ant forces.

Also, lack of inner encouragement. There is no right information to use and photos, because sometimes it is also busy uploading photos on social media, or it is busy chatting not to spend time, even if only for a piece of paper. This is very surprising to witness, but continues to increase until this moment. Besides that, I'm also a talkative person, calculated for books that are available in the library.


Therefore, every time I enter, I rarely read quality books and great publications. I am indeed a very sharp book that already exists. However, as a person who likes to read, I really want that the books in the library are not that small. Even though it's possible, because the book doesn't exist, because it's looking for money that visits there.

Also I go alone, because I can invite my friends to leave, many of them feel lazy and prefer to sit at home watching soap operas. I sometimes feel angry too if I have to, but what I get is rejection. I am very confused how to increase reading interest in my friends. Moreover, they are young people who will be the successors of the nation. How can they be able to change them for the better if they do not have the qualities formed in science?


Therefore, freedom is very important. So, in my heart too, so that the books in the library increased slightly and were also more significant in the improvement of reading.

Thank you.