INTERACTION: What You Need To Get Ahead!

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The more I have lived the more I have come to the understanding of how great it is to be able to interact with other people. Yes, indeed, interaction is a small word that makes a big difference. Did you know that:
Non of us can survive without interacting


Indeed, interaction is necessary whenever two or more people come in contact with each other. I really do think non can cooperate with another without interacting with others. This is why people who live isolated lives are often sad people. They are the ones with the most likelihood of suicide attempts. Why? Because, originally, man wasn't created to live in isolation.

No wonder that isolation is a form of capital punishment today. Well, that's what it is - punishment. I repeat, isolation is punishment. I might as well call it, big punishment!

You are unconsciously killing someone when you isolate him or her. We must therefore interact with each other if we are ever going to achieve our dreams as relate to others.

The Concept of: INTERACTION
Interaction is a form of communication between people, to put it simple. It is a kind of conversation among different people.

Interaction brings about action. Nothing gets done - no action without interacting! Anonymous

Now that you understand what interaction is, ask yourself: can I make it on my own?

Would you survive if you become incommunicado for just few days? I doubt it, I strongly do doubt the possibility!

And guess what steemit is about? Interaction!


A good Steemian is one who interacts well...

This post is just a tip of the iceberg
I am considering making this post a series. So, what I have said concerning interaction isn't all there is to know about the subject. No, not at all...

I made this post so you could understand the meaning of interaction. I sincerely hope or would like to believe you interacted with the material.

Catch you some other time!

Thanks if you read interactively!

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