I Have Decided Already that I will Decide!

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Making decisions is one thing you and I would have to do all our lives. There's no day you and I wake up to see the sun that we might not have to make a decision.

One day, I was listening to a speaker who said something I haven't been able to forget all these years. He made that powerful statement about ten years ago. And, that statement has remained in my heart over ten years now. Please, take note of this statement because it would affect your life in decisions taken by you, or in those decisions left unmade that you should actually make. This is the statement:
Not making a decision is already a decision. I implies, you have made a decision not to make a decision, and that is a decision too ~Mr. Godfrey

Have you ever considered it before, that when you don't decide, by our have already decided. Yes, indeed, you have decided not to decide!


What does that suggest?
That suggests the following things:

  • Decision making is a must for all: no one living today. Or nobody today - dead or alive can say decision making is not important. Why? Because deciding on a daily basis is not optional.

Deciding on a daily basis is not optional for anyone, it is optimal for everyone. ~My Belief System

  • Decisions are indispensable to our everyday life: similar to the point I have been making so far, there's hardly any day we don't make decisions. In fact, when you and I woke up this morning we decided to get up from our bed. That, in itself, was a decision. And guess what? We also layer decided to leave home for work (well, anyone of us could have decided not to even step out for work. And just remain indoor). Listen please, I am saying all these to make you understand one thing. And that is:
    Whether we like it or not, we all are decision makers. We decide everyday!
  • Making no decision is already a decision: I have heard people say, of a particular situation: "Well, I don't think I want to decide about that issue yet". Let me quickly say that that too was a decision. This is what you did: you decided not to decide yet. How interesting, right?

Can you see now that making decisions about stuffs daily isn't optional. It is a must for you and I. It's necessary! Indeed, it is a necessity!

When you decide not to decide, you have already decided. Prof Lee

So, never forget that: deciding not to decide is deciding!

This Post is a Deliberate Decision
I think it would be nice of I told you that this post wasn't by accident. I intentionally decided to make this post on making decisions. I really felt the need to make this post on decision when I saw how far my decisions have taken me; when I see the drastic effects of my decisions in moments of pain or anger.

I made this post for you to know that: *decisions can make you, or mar you!


I really want to thank you for "deciding to read this post", for I really do understand that you read this post because you decided to read it.

Thanks for that decision to read it!

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