Croatia vs Inggris World Cup Rusia 2018

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After last night of July 11, 2018 France ensured themselves with a 1-0 win over Belgium to the 2018 FIFA World Cup Finals Russia, then the Croats and the Croatian Turns for Russia 2018 World Cup Finals to serve France to win the 2018 Russia Cup Trophy 2018.

Some interesting things we will discuss this exciting game Croatia Vs England. There are weaknesses and strengths that need to be known to both teams in the 2018 World Cup Russia and the track record of each pre-2018 World Cup team.

In terms of strategy, obviously both trainers display different strategies. The forward player who has always been an important actor of Croatia is obviously Luka Modric (Real Madrid) and Mandzukic (Juventus), then in important English actor Clear Kane (Totenham Hotspur) and Sterling (Man City).

Croatia's World Cup 2018 trip is very sensational. But Croatia have been knocked out english in the 2010 World Cup qualifier Africa. who at that time Ivan Rakitic became one of the perpetrators of his history. "We once had an unforgettable memory of english, but we did not make it as a reference", said Rakitic.

Football both teams in
World Cup events:

  1. Early to be a World Cup contestant:
    Croatia: France World Cup of 1998
    England: Brazil World Cup 1950

  2. Total World Cup qualifying:
    Croatia: 5 Times including 2018 Russia
    UK: 15 times including 2018 Russia

  3. Best Standings
    Croatia: Ranked 3rd World Cup 1998 in Switzerland
    England: 1st Place in 1966 World Cup in England (1st time Champion)

  4. Worst record
    For the worst record is obvious both are both never never qualify for the World Cup, so a draw yes if this.
    Well, a few things though a little I've discussed. Either wherever destiny, winning Croatia or all England we live watching together Later that night.

Please fill in the Comments to show the support of our readers for your support among these two teams. At least the biggest support comment in this article has shown its victory, But remember win Quick Quont Coment. Yes .. At least before the Team You guys have won first in my arikel comments.



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