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This is not to say that we Christians do not deal with lusts and
passions, but we do want to emphasize that the Lord has given us a
new spirit and a new life. By this new spirit we may touch God, and
by this new life we may manifest God’s life. God’s life is wholly
positive; it is not negative. So it is not simply a matter of dealing
with lusts; more is it a fact of positively touching the Spirit of God
and manifesting the life of God. Only these positive things really
satisfy us. For this reason, it is not for us Christians to lay stress on
ordinances such as taste not, touch not, and handle not. Since we
have the positive, we pay little attention to the negative things. We
must help the brothers and sisters touch the positive and the glorious.
Believers should always touch the glorious Spirit and the glorious
life. Having touched these positive things, the things of taste not and
handle not become very insignificant. It is good for Christians to be
totally free of such earthly ordinances.


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