How do we change our perception of authority figures to reflect a more realistic view?

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Find a nice comfortable place where you can relax. Close your eyes and take a deep breath. Relax totally. Now imagine a picture of your father however that comes up for you in your mind. Once you
have the picture of your father, imagine a picture of yourself. Once you have both pictures in your mind, place them side-by-side. Which person appears larger is your father larger than you are, or are you larger than he is? Next, clear the pictures in your mind by looking at the ceiling for about three seconds. Then look straight ahead at the wall for three seconds. Now
go through the same exercise with your mother. Imagine a picture of your
mother in your mind however she looks to you. Once you have the picture of your mother, get a picture of yourself again. Once you have both pictures in your mind, place them side-by-side. Notice which person appears larger is your mother larger than you are, or are you larger than
she is Use this method for any authority figure in your life.
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You now have a picture of your parents compared to you. Were they larger in size than you? Was one of your parents larger than you and the other smaller? If so, which one was larger? This is important for you to understand. If your father was larger, then you may want to look at other male authority figures in your life and see how they compare. Conversely, if your mother was larger, you may want to look at other female authority figures.
The next step is to learn how to change your perceptions about them.
Pick any authority figure and imagine this person. Also imagine yourself standing next to this person. Make yourself larger and shrink your authority figure down to about the height of your knee. How does this make you feel? Do you feel more in control? Now make yourself more colorful and brighter, and imagine your authority figure dimmer, darker, fuzzier, and in
black and white.


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